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Item No :BlingLED
Bling Gel LED Light (30W)

Sale Price:
SGD$ 625

LED Light(30W)

Output power:30W

Accessory:Universal AC adapter
Input power:100V~240V 50/50Hz 0.5A
Output power:12v 2.5A

Terms of Each Component in Nail Lamp
10s, 20s, 30s

User Guideline:
1. Choose the time and push the button ON and the blue indicator light inside top of the machine will illuminate.
2. When the power ON light is illuminating, please place your hand onto the try.
3. The lamp has an auto-timing-countdown funcation for the set time. If the light goes out, please push the power ON button again.
4. for toenails, please remove the bottom tray from the lamp and place the toenails in the area with blue light and repeat steps 1~3.

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