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Bling Gel  

Item No :BLGS61
Structure Gel / Clear 10ml

Sale Price:
SGD$ 31.25


Type No.
BLGS61 / BLGS71 / GLGS81 / BLGS91 / BLGS60 / BLGS70 / BLGS80 / BLGS90 /
BLGS62 / BLGS40 / BLGS41 / BLGS42 / BLGS51 /

Bling Gel STRUCTURE Clear Gel has the molecular structure that creates a thicker viscosity soak off gel for reinforcing strength, enhancing the nail or repairing a damaged nail plate. The STRUCTURE Gel is a clear soak off gel product that can quickly be removed with Soak Off Gel Remover. GELISH STRUCTURE cures in 30 seconds in a LED Light or 2 minutes in a UV Light.

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