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Item No :G01
Bling Gel #G01

Sale Price:
SGD$ 41.66

Bling Gel #G01

Size:15ml - .5oz
The gels come in an array of colors, apply like polish, with twist cap and applicator, but are cured in a LED lamp in 30 seconds or in two minutes in traditional UV lamps, just like gels. Bling Gel stays on nails for three weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soak completely off in only 15 minutes.

~ Bling Gel - Gel Polish~

~ Application of Bling Gel ~
1.Dust off nails
Push the nail surface with pusher
2.Lightly buff nails
Clear nails
3.Apply PH bound
Dehydrate nails and strength nails
4.Apply foundation gel
Creates adhesive bound, easy to catch color
Cure for 10 seconds
5.Wipe off tacky layer with dryer nail brush
6.Apply first coat of Bling Gel
Cure for 30 seconds
7.Apply Second coat of Bling Gel
Cure for 30 seconds
8.Apply top it off gel
Cure for 30 seconds
9.Wipe off tacky layer with alcohol
Make nail more shine
10.Apply cuticle oil Moisturizer and tourists the skin around the nail

~ Remove Bling Gel ~
1.Use sponge coated nails with nail remover for 10~15 minutes, then can easily wipe off the gel layer.
2.Apply Top Coat (Not top it off gel)
3.Apply Cuticle Oil

~ Paint Chip ~

Our colour gels are verified by SGS and they are free from the 'Big Three' toxin: Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibuty Phthalate.

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