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Bling Gel  

Item No :BLGT02
Fundation Gel

Sale Price:
SGD$ 58.33

Fundation Gel

Type No.
BLGS61 / BLGS71 / GLGS81 / BLGS91 / BLGS60 / BLGS70 / BLGS80 / BLGS90 /
BLGS62 / BLGS40 / BLGS41 / BLGS42 / BLGS51 /

Bling Gel Foundation Base Gel creates the adhesive bond between the nail plate and gel products. This product secures adhesion while not damaging the natural nail plate. FOUNDATION will work with Hand & Nail Harmony GELISH products as a base for GELISH STRUCTURE or GELISH Soak Off Gel Polish. GELISH FOUNDATION cures in 10 seconds in a LED Light or 30 seconds in an UV Light.

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